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More than 30 Years of Experience

Each of our principals have more than 30 Years of direct industry experience. More importantly, each is a fellow small business owner that understands, first hand, what it is like to operate and grow a successful business in an ever changing economic and political climate.

As small business owners in the financial services, insurance, employee benefits, human capital management and employee wellness industries, we set out to shift the paradigm of the past to a more efficient and transparent solution for the future of American business owners and their employees.


Always Striving For More

Small businesses in the USA account for approximately 80% of the employer base yet the 20% of “big business” get the best pricing and innovation when it comes to benefits to attract the best business talent. NO MORE!

We are sick and tired of the tail wagging the dog and we suspect you are too. Do you have a 401(k) to rival a fortune 500 company? We can do that! Do you have a health plan that can actually go down in cost? We can do that! Do you have technology that integrates it all so HR can get back to their core function? We can do that!


Meet The Team

Under the old paradigm, this is where you would meet various individuals with mini biographys of all parties, belonging to the one company, claiming expertise to it all …

This sounds nice and convenient on the surface but what about all the overhead? We believe the enlightened approach is to have several specialists companies working together in their focus of expertise. This approach brings you the best of the best and only what you need, rather then having to pay for a cost center you don’t.

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