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We are fellow business owners sick and tired of the status quo when it comes to executive and employee benefits. Too long have been the days when a small to mid sized business had to accept off-the-shelf benefits and never know the cost or relative value compared to their peers.

We are THE BENEFITS COMPANIES and WE WILL change the conversation

to benefit your firm and its employees.


The mission of The Benefits Companies is to bring transparency and a fiduciary process to all aspects affecting executive and employee benefits, including payroll and human capital management services.


The Benefits Companies will become the change agent, breaking the grip of expensive, inefficient and ordinary cookie cutter benefit plans with innovative programs designed to benefit our corporate clients and their employees.


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Employee Benefits

Employees’ personal lives affect their attitudes and behaviors at the workplace. Financially stressed employees often bring their concerns to the workplace costing thousands of dollars in lost productivity.


Executive Benefits

Great talent is always in high demand. Is your current executive benefit and compensation program really better than your competition's? Most businesses are using the same recognized names to provide the same canned programs. Do you want the best or common?


Efficient Technology

The day to day management of employees and benefit plans can be time consuming and prone to errors, some that can be quite costly to fix. Today's Tech can do the heaving lifting while also raising your company's ROI.

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We hate SPAM as much as you. We promise to never share or sell your information. On the other hand, we love helping companies save money and reduce risks. Prospective clients can reach us toll free at +1 (877) 930-1837.

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